Meet the Farmer, and the farm


"I want my customers to take two things away with them. A great fresh product, and the confidence in knowing what they are eating, where it came from, and how it was grown. I'm not here to pull the wool over their eyes. This isn't my job, this is my passion."

Jordan Mount

A little about us

 Established January of 2016 by Jordan Mount, Hunter Creek Farm will be supplying residents of Brock, and surrounding townships a variety of locally grown produce

Hunter Creek Farm came to be established through Jordan’s dreams and ambitions. The name is deriving from Hunter Creek located in Minden Ontario, where his late grandparents resided. The main things Jordan can recall from his childhood of being in at his grandparents in Minden are the flawless cooking, delicious baking, conspicuous flower beds, and the prolific vegetable garden which were all legendary to him.

Though his late grandmother Beatrice is the biggest influence on this decision, she is not the only one who influenced him. His mother Darlene could possibly consider a career in floral garden design. He has always admired the beds she has created with an abundance of colour, and riveting species. Jordan grew up working with his father, a mechanic by trade .Although his father grew up through his teenage years working on farms, and now, alongside being an automotive technician has never really steered away from the agricultural side of life, maintaining equipment on a market, where Jordan first really realized his passion could be a career. After 4 years helping his father at the market on weekends he started working on a swine and cash crop farm through a co-op program at his high school where he learned much more of soil preparation, harvest, and how to achieve high yields.

The 2020 season for Hunter Creek Farm brings more of a unique variety of produce. Everything is started from  seed and every plant receives the same care and attention. Each species of seed receives a unique growing program, monitoring soil temperature, water, and organic soil amendments to achieve the perfect condition for the plants. Though we will be growing standard vegetables, such a beef steak tomatoes, green beans, carrots, radishes, and bell peppers, we have a strong focus on heirloom vegetables. We want to provide you with a distinct and delicious vegetable sure to keep you coming back.